Education for Students With Disabilities By: ashlynn Perry

The school system does not treat children with disabilities the same as every other child.

Acts Passed

Since 1975, 3 major Acts have all made a huge impact on students with disabilities. The three acts that were passages where The Education of All Handicapped Children in 1990. Following that one was the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act in 1997. The third act was Individuals with Disabilities Improvement Education Act in 2004. All of these acts over the course of the past years have made free and appropriate public school; for students that have disabilities a guarantee.

Drop Outs?

The special education system is often critiqued. This is due to the fact that the outcomes and experiences for children/students with disabilities in this learning environment are a sign that things need to change. Studies have shown that children with disabilities are more likely to have lower graduation rates, higher dropout rates, low likelihood of going to college, a high likelihood of leaving college without graduating, and high likelihood of unemployment.


The regular school system is not very flexible. It does not accept children who don't really fit into the ‘regular student’ personnel. The students that don't ‘fit’ in, are put into special classrooms. For example, special needs students have their own classroom they go to. It is like they are secluded from everyone else. Students in the special education system also experience segregation on a day to day basis. It's more on the type of disability the student has, but it can also be due to the severity of the child's disability.

What Needs to Change?

I feel like the special education system needs to change to help make the special needs students feel less secluded and segregated. I also think they should be able to have a normal education. For example, having more classes I think that this will make school more fun for the students with special needs and I think it will decrease the number of dropouts of students with disabilities.

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