6 arguments for Imortality Jack Wilson-4

Argument for Authority

Not proof but a strong clue

Almost every person ever has believed in life after death. With the exception of certain cultures in the last couple hundred years.

Children are conditioned into not believing in life after death

Argument for Desire

Everyone wants to defeat death.

All other desires link to something physical.

If there is no eternal life why is there a longing for it. All other desires have a physical counterpart for example hunger and food

Argument for Soul Having Parts

We are a body soul union

When we die our souls and bodies separate

While earthly things can kill the body the same can't be said about the soul. Therefore the soul is immortal

Argument from Reason and Free Will

Our souls must be spiritual cause they can perform spiritual acts, therefore our souls are immortal

We can see eternal truths, choose between rights and wrongs.

We don't train humans like we train dogs, a spiritual act can only come from a spiritual actor.

Argument from God

If there's no after life there's no God

If there's a God then immortality must exist.

Immortality comes from God's love.

Argument from Intrinsic Value of the Person

Like the argument for authority much of a stretch.

Without life after death we can be treated similarly to a car.

Once you see a persons true value you see thier immortality

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