Nut butter toast: the perfect quick, easy before school breakfast By Emily Goldstein '23

If you struggle to find the perfect before school breakfast, because you either don't have enough time or don't know what to make, these nut butter toasts' could easily be the solution to your problem. Many students don't eat breakfast before school, and it is so vital to eat before classes so you have enough energy and can concentrate. Nut butter toast is extremely healthy, filling and only takes five minutes.

The first step is getting two slices of bread. Any bread can be used, but one of my favorites to use is Dave's Killer bread because it is light and compliments either the almond butter or peanut butter that eventually goes on it.
Next, spread the nut butter evenly onto the toast to use as a base for the toppings. The left piece of toast has almond butter which could be used instead of peanut butter if you have an allergy or just don't like peanut butter. Any type of nut butter spread will compliment the bread and toppings extremely well.
Next, the peanut butter is spread onto the piece of toast on the right. You can do one slice of peanut and almond butter as above, or just all peanut or all almond. Make sure to cover the entirety of the bread, so the creamy taste is really endorsed.
Justin's classic almond butter from Trader Joes is a highly recommended almond butter to use, because it is not too salty and is extremely healthy. It is made out of only almonds, and contains no added sugar or unnecessary ingredients.
Earth balance's peanut butter is also highly recommended to use for its creamy and soft texture. The texture blends extremely well with the bread and toppings added later.
To start with the first topping, cut an apple into small slices that will fit on the bread. Only about a quarter of the apple will be needed to top the toast.
After the apple is cut, place the small slices onto the toast. Personally I prefer apples on the almond butter toast and bananas on the peanut butter, but mixing it up every once in a while can be fun.
For the peanut butter slice, evenly cut slices of banana and place them across the entirety of the toast. The banana mixed with the peanut butter really makes the toast truly delicious, and if you don't like bananas feel free to use apples on this slice as well.
The final touch of the almond butter toast is sprinkling cinnamon to top off the toast. This gives it a real twist of flavor, for cinnamon lovers it makes the toast so much better.
The final topping for the peanut butter banana toast is drizzling a little honey on the top. This sweetens the overall taste of the toast, and gives you a little sugar rush to wake you up for your classes.

All photos by Emily Goldstein '23

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Emily Goldstein