Reform Movements By: Gavin Martin,Brandon Tamo 4th Period


Group such as the second grade awakening and transcendent were trying to get society the two reform for the better. The second great awakening was a religious group,But the transcendent group believed in the good of me


People both black and white wanted to get rid of slavery. People in the north still allowed southeren slavery. people such as Sojourner truth,Harriet Tubman and Frederick Douglass would try to end slavery. Harriet Tubman help slaves run away with what they call the Underground Railroad.

Woman's rights

Women weren't able to suffrage, hold office, or keep land when after they were married. Because of this, women would be at the Seneca Falls convention. Convention organizers modeled their proposals for women's rights,decoration of sediments. Other notables were Susan B. Anthony and Lucy stone.

Prison reform

Children were in jail with adults they had little food source. They went to jail for something for a little debt like 20$. Even if you were mentally ill you would still go to jail. Dorothea issued a report for them to mentally ill hospitals, outlaw the crew punishments, not letting the Debtors to go to jail and having a justice system for kids.

Temperance reform

The abuse of alcohol was spreading everywhere. It would lead to crime. Temperance movement was created to stop alcohol. alcohol became illegal but the laws were later repealed.

Education reform

People would not go to school because of the cost and distance. Horace Mann spoke to the citizens on the importance of education. ReFormers would later see that education could solve problems in society. Citizens voted to pay taxes to build better schools.

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