Brown vs.Board of Education by allie alires, cole phillips, paris snow.

Background Information: In 1952 children were segregated by race. This caused schools and public buildings to be separated by whites and color. For example they had separated bathrooms, drinking fountain, lines, buses, classrooms, etc

Side 1: Linda Brown and her family wanted to end segregated schools, they did this by protesting and going to court.

Side 2: The Board of Education wanted to keep the schools segregated. They testified against The Brown Family.

The Decision: The unanimous decision favored the Brown family.

How it affected the laws of the country: Almost all schools are unsegregated.

How it affected the culture of the country: Colored races were one step closer to equality


Created with images by WikiImages - "discrimination racism people of color" • Kheel Center, Cornell University Library - "People picket against the Woolworth Company's practice of segregation, April 20, 1963." • retzer_c - "washington dc court house architecture"

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