Poway Unified's new Education & Technology Department, under the direction of Associate Superintendent Jennifer Burks, worked with business partner Troxell to bring a new kind of professional development event to PUSD: the Google Roadshow on Wednesday, September 13, 2017. At various sessions, attendees learned how to increase student engagement through digital portfolios and passion projects, and how to incorporate technology-rich learning environments. At the STEM playground, they were able to experience the latest educational technology and tools, including virtual reality, 3D printers, Raspberry Pi laptops, and artificial intelligence.

Welcome to the Google Roadshow. Attendees could attend sessions and visit the STEM playground.
Teacher Caroline Wright, Board Member Kimberley Beatty, Superintendent Dr. Marian Kim-Phelps, Associate Superintendent Jennifer Burks, Executive Director Kimberlie Rens, Technology Trainer Brenda Gillies
Secondary administrators engage in a conversation with presenter Christine Bell about students being digital natives and what that means for learning and media consumption.
Principals Amy Huff (Willow Grove), Denise Davis (Painted Rock), and Gail West (Garden Road) create a simple circuit using copper tape.
Presenter Susan Wells talks about the future of education, and what's new and exciting in the field of STEM.
Teachers Christina Glady and Trenace Sevilla check out the "Little Bits" circuitry kits.
A vendor demonstrates a remote control hover craft.
Kids can make and operate computers made from scratch.
Engineering cubes.
A look at some of the cool tools for STEM learning at the "STEM playground."

#TeamPUSD took to social media to share their experiences at the event, using the hashtags #PUSDGoogleRoadShow and #PUSDInnovate. Here's a sampling of posts:

The science-themed dessert table was a crowd favorite, with rice krispie molecules, periodic table cookies, lego cupcakes and brownies, and liquid candy in test tubes.


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