Three things Canada should Celebrate By: David Duroshola

Invention of Basketball

One of the reasons why we should be celebrating Canada is because of the invention of the sport basketball. James Naismith invented the game and, he was in fact Canadian. In 1891, at the YMCA International School, Naismith wanted to make an indoor activity by using knowledge of football. Instead of tackling and throwing the ball the football traditional way, he wanted players to use skill instead of force. Naismith's sport has increasingly impacted the world today, and it in the 1930s its been played by over 50 countries (Butler).

This is a part of Canadian history we should acknowledge. Basketball has become more than a sport. Thanks to a Canadian it has been a culmination of entertainment, popular slang, shoe industry, etc. It has also been made a official Olympic competition in 1926. In conclusion this is a factor of Canada that we should enjoy in Naismith's honor.

Niagara Falls

Another part of Canada that we should celebrate is Niagara Falls. It's a popular destination with a fascinating view that represents Canada for immigrants and tourists. it makes a strong connection to the U.S by two separate waterfalls called the American falls and the Canadian horseshoe falls. It was formed from melting glaciers of the great lakes. This makes the falls about 12,000 years old. It also provides a crucial source of hydro electricity for Ontario ("Niagara Falls Facts").

The Niagara Falls are a major part of Canada. They are a major part because they represent Canada in a huge way. It gives people who immigrated see what Canada is in a relaxing and tropical way. It can also provides a brief background knowledge of Canada and the great lakes, making viewers witness history.


Amongst other things Diversity separates Canada from other countries. Out of the entire population of Canada over 20 percent are immigrants. Ontario, British Colombia, Quebec, and Alberta have majority of Canada's foreign born population. Researchers have improvised that these numbers will increase in future years. There has been over 200 languages spoken, over 200 ethic origns in 2011 (Evans).

Diversity in Canada makes the country very unique. It makes the country unique because it makes it traditionally impacted with the rest of the world. This forms bonds with other countries that can improve Canada's resources, economy, etc. This also allows young

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