Tour of the Harn by: Daniel garanton

Medium of the Art

This artwork is called Tokyo Street. At first, this artwork may not seem like much, however in person it is a completely different story. In person, one can see and feel all the vivid colors and emotions that the author put into the work. I believe the point of this artwork is that even an extremely busy street in Tokyo has a calm side in the night. Still, this side does not lack any emotion that the busy street has in the day. The author accurately portrays this idea using oil and very bright colors. I am fascinated by the idea that the author did not use regular paint brushes and pencils to make this art work. Instead he uses a very abstract form of painting, which in this case is oil. This artwork communicated the fact that even the busiest of streets (and people), have other sides of their life that others are not aware of. Despite this, the other side does not lack any interesting stories or action. All in all, the artwork made me feel more inclined to learn peoples story's and stray away from ignorance. It also made me aware of the fact that people are more than what they seem.

Design of the Museum

I feel that the outdoor exhibit in the museum really captured my attention. I found this exhibit appealing because it is pretty much telling us that nature is its own art form. Nature is beautiful and can be awing when studied like art. Being outdoors was very refreshing after being under air conditioning most of the time looking at other types of paintings. The sun provided all the lighting and there was so much space to explore and take in everything that was happening outdoors. Everything was naturally arranged and I felt like I had been transported to another place outside of the museum. I feel like nature is the ultimate art form. It truly connected to me and it made me feel very relaxed and at peace. Everything that had been worrying me disappeared in that moment. This is something extremely powerful that only an exhibit like this one could have accomplished.

Art and Core Values

There was a certain art piece in the museum that really caught my attention, the name of it was Plate 2, Coffee Portfolio. This appealed to one of my values, which is hard work. Just like the author, Rafael Tufino, I was raised in a hispanic family, where hard work is valued over all. However, the other value is celebration. After long hours and days of work it is normal in my culture to spend a whole day resting or celebrating with family and friends. In a way, this is very similar to Sabbath because we work hard in order to have this very special day. Realizing that the artist was of similar culture made my pride for being hispanic burn. In a way, I had never felt better about being hispanic than in the moment when I was analyzing the painting. These two paintings reinforced the ideas I had on my culture and made me feel like I was back in my home country. It taught me that there are many others that share the same values, which assured me that these values were meaningful. I think it is astonishing how art can transcend time and space and make me feel like I was back with my whole family in Venezuela.

Art and the Good Life

Throughout my journey in the Harn I encountered a painting called 'Sheep Wrangler'. When I first saw this I immediately thought it was an accurate representation of the good life. This artwork conveys the Good Life themes of isolation and purity. First, by having the setting be purely in nature, we already put in a mindset of isolation and peace. This theme is most apparent in Walden, where the main character finds true peace in being alone in nature. Furthermore, purity is seen through the children running through the fields and having fun. The Good Life cannot be achieved easily while having stress and many worries. First one must shed many attachments holding them back to be able to achieve happiness. This theme is most apparent in both Walden and Siddhartha. Both main characters realize that they must leave their previous lives full of impure and detrimental attachments in order to find peace and happiness. This artwork made me realize that these themes are more attainable than they really seem because nature and these opportunities are available to us everyday and we just do not realize it. It also made me realize that children are living the good life everyday, because they are free of common worries and still have not build enough attachments.


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