Trump in the media by: Payton Albright

Donald Trump has been continuously been scrutinized by the media. From SNL to Los Angeles times, you can constantly find new negative news on our president.

Donald has a continuous battle with the media and he refers to going on twitter and and battles the media by saying things like fake news, china, and most of all hyuge. trying to show up which ever news companies that are trying to bring him down. And typically when he tries to attest to the media bias, said tweet tend to find they're own way into trouble and criticism by the news companies. When the media uses bias towards Donald Trump they stretch his words and more often than not tend to just make up stories with what first comes to mind. Trump says the bullying never stops.

According to politics, Trump has started " a false war on the fake news". The site says that trumps response to the false media that's thrown at him is way over exaggerated. They state that he is almost bias towards himself, when in reality they are making bias comments towards Trump themselves. The media likes to make it look like they support everyone's opinions , although there is a difference between stating the truth on a persons actions or bending the truth to get more views or draw more attention to your news company or blog.

Trumps battle with the fake news doesn't stop at the tabloids. Social media like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram spread fabricated fake news like wildfire. As you scroll down twitter you will see articles drop that will be read by millions, this make social media ten times more powerful that televised new ten fold this day in age. It seems you may see plenty of articles over the same subject but they all have different headlines and you might be amazed by the range of which may be so Jurassic.

As Americans and consumers of media we need to be sure that what were consuming is the actual truth. Instead of believing the first headline that pops up without researching the truth behind whats actually been done. We must stop consuming fake news to become a more outstanding educated society.


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