Jewish Holocaust Reflections

I am a Jewish bunny

My understanding of the holocaust has changed a little. It has changed because it was worst then I thought, looking at it threw people's eyes that lived threw it. I personally never looked at it threw others eyes. After seeing the documentary I saw how bad it was threw a child's, parent, and a non Jews eyes. It was horrible for all of them.

Why were kids sent on trains alone? Children were sent away in the trains alone to migrate away from Germany. Their parents didn't want them to suffer during the holocaust.

Were Germans allowed to migrate out of Germany during the holocaust? It was legal to migrate until 1944. During the holocaust president Roosevelt signed an executive order establishing the war refudgee board to facilitate the rescue of imperiled refugees.

How did the Nazis look at the Jewish German soldiers? The Nazis would look at them as non Jews because they would say that their mothers were prostitutes. This is what made Nazis ignore the fact their were Jews.

Anne Frank

I've chosen Anne Frank because she lived during the period of the Holocaust and she exemplifies the true meaning of courage to me. Anne Frank shows courage because she wrote all that happened during her life while the Holocaust was going on. She tells her story so beautifully. When I read her story it touched my heart. She has a movie and many books, this shows you how couragis she is. She luckily survived the Holocaust and is still alive till this day.

The event/cultural circumstance/movement in my current history in which I've found a connection with the Holocaust was segregation. I've picked segregation because it was very similar to the Holocaust. White people hated and thought everyone that wasn't white was worthless and had nothing to do in life, but be a slave. In the Holocaust the Nazis and Hitler believed that blonde hair and blue eyes were the top line and everyone else was worthless.

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