Alaska The Frontier land

Did you know that Alaska is the top fishing state.About 6 billion pounds of fish and seafood is caught year round. This is about one pound per person on earth.

Some fisherman get huge fish. Even the birds like it.

The largest state of all states,Alaska,once belonged to Russia.The United States bought it in 1867 for two cents per acre. The total cost was $7.2million.

that is about how much it costed

Alaska and North Dakota produce less garbage than any state. They average about 500,000 tons of garbage each year.

The northern lights are a really cool thing to see when you are in Alaska.

Also Alaska has the most bears than any anthor state

black bears and grizzly bears live in Alaska

Some famous people were born in Alaska. Jewel is a singer and actress. Her song "You Were Meant for Me" was a hit in 1996. Her album Pieces of You won several grammy nominations in 1997. Sarah Palin became the youngest and first female governor of Alaska in 2006.

these are the state animal, flower, marine animal,bird, mineral,jem,fish,tree,fossil, and sport.


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