Salon de Oro will be hosting Earth Day 04-22-22 in Las Vegas, Nevada with a World Class Hotel Resort Casino showcasing, "The Inspire Show," with Live Music and an interactive Climate Control Experience.

We are all aware of Global Warming changes which have accelerated in the previous months on our planet. Many unique anomalies rarely seen before are rapidly ascending and continuing from droughts to wild fires and heat waves to floods have taken a turn for the worse.

Our Goal is to bring awareness to these issues on Earth Day April 22, 2022. Strategic partnerships are available with global brands and showcase opportunities: Reducing Carbon footprint, Sustainability, ESG Investments, Electric Vehicles to name a few.

We will be hosting this Event at a World Class Resort Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada with an eye to expand globally in 2023 adding Macua, China with same Hotel Group.

Salon de Oro translates as Golden Hallway in Spanish. The Gold Standard has been a universal commodity by which every country's monetary supply has been connected to its currency. Our Golden Hall is a representation of this earthly element. A perfect location for anyone to participate in an experience of a lifetime while aiding our planet and humanity.

We aim to educate and enlighten while we entertain.

Corporate and Individual Sponsorships information available upon request.

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Douglas Kaplan, Event Producer