My Ways to Santa Monica College

All of us have experienced parking nightmares in our lives. But being SMC students this happens every single time we head to college. As the number of students attending grows, the parking issue has become one of the most common problems students face. Imagine if you had a class around noon, you arrive early but you have to be in a parking line for up to an hour. Now you are starting to run late and stress and even if you find a spot, you are still late and in some cases, professors will not excuse you for that reason. With less students coming into SMC, parking is still one of the biggest hassles students have to deal with. Professors are not exempt from this issue either as even they find themselves running late to their classes. Sedi, an SMC student, says, “It’s not fair to pay $80 for a parking spot when there is none available.” She goes on to point out, “SMC shouldn’t sell parking spots beyond capacity.” Maintenance Manager, Damien Rodriguez, had his own opinion about the parking situation here on campus. “it sucks” he says “there’s nothing much you you can do besides findind a spot two hours early or wait until the afternoon to find a spot, unfortunately, you may miss your class.” Damien highly recommends alternative transit methods such as the Big Blue Bus, carpooling with lyft or even parking on the Bundy campus and taking the SMC shuttle back to the main campus. “Come Park on the weekend and walk to the beach”he jokes, “there will be plenty of space then.”

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