Check out our ministry updates, upcoming events, daily bible readings and more below. Please make sure to answer the survey on how you worship too! 😉

A Message From Pastor Kris

Shawnee Alliance has always made ministering to our children a priority. When we made the move to online-only Sunday morning services, we were passionate about returning to quality in-person children's ministry as soon as possible. We have been blessed to be able to re-open our Sunday morning Family Life ministries. Thank you for your patience as we have navigated through the difficulties inherent in returning to in-person services.

For our families who are not yet prepared to return to in-person services, we will continue to minister through our online services and social media. I look forward to the blessing our children and families will receive when the time is right for their return to our Family Life ministries. For those who are returning to our gatherings, we are excited to announce our Family-Style VBS, outdoor baptisms, and Blessing of the Backpacks. Despite the unique situations we find ourselves in, our ministry to our community does not stop. It is a joy to minister alongside you.

One of the many losses we felt during the COVID-19 outbreak was the cancellation of Pastor Daniel's retirement reception. We have rescheduled the reception for August 16 in the early afternoon. We will be finalizing and communicating the exact time in the near future. We sincerely hope that by August we will all feel comfortable coming together to celebrate Daniel and Lois' 25 years of ministry at Shawnee Alliance Church! I look forward to celebrating alongside you!

In His service,

Pastor Kris

Family VBS

Family-wide VBS!! Please plan to have your whole family attend this new event to be held July 20 through July 23 from 6-8 pm each night at the SAC Activity Center. (If you can't attend EVERY night, no problem. Come when you're available). Even though there is no cost for this event, family registration is required at shawneealliance.com. There will be activities, snacks, devotionals, guest speakers and more, with a movie night on July 23. Please note: Adult(s) MUST attend with the children. ALL ages are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Pastor Daniel Messner's Retirement Open House

Please join us as we thank Pastor Daniel for his 25 years of ministry at Shawnee Alliance and celebrate his retirement! On Sunday, August 16 from 2-4 pm, there will be an Open House in the Activity Center Lobby to honor Pastor Daniel and his wife, Lois.

Shawnee Alliance Church

Building a community of faith......Leading people to become fully transformed followers of Jesus Christ.

How To Connect With Us

Check out our podcast, Tuesday Talks with Shawnee Alliance Church! Here you will find weekly episodes about how being a follower of Jesus impacts your everyday life. You can listen to us on iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcasts or YouTube. You can also find the link to the podcast on our website under the media tab. Be sure to subscribe and share!

What Is Worship, and How Do YOU Worship?

"But the time is coming - indeed it's here now - when true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and in truth. The Father is looking for those who will worship him in that way. For God is Spirit, so those who worship him must worship in spirit and in truth." - John 4:23-24

Take our survey below about how you worship!

Envision Providence Mission Trip June 27-July 3

A team of four women from Shawnee Alliance traveled to Providence, Rhode Island to team up with Envision Providence leaders, Robert & Amy Childs, in what was the alliance site’s first (and only) scheduled mission trip of the year. This trip was originally scheduled as a youth basketball camp, but due to ongoing COVID-19 concerns and state regulations (Rhode Island prohibited all sports until fall), the plans had to be altered. Instead, our team focused their time and efforts on cleaning up the site that had been neglected due to shutdowns and lack of personnel available in the past few months. We spent many hot and dirty days weeding, mulching, and moving dirt and compost into the site’s community garden beds, which is currently the only ministry they can provide the neighborhood. These raised garden beds are used as an outreach and help many different people in this culturally diverse area. They can plant their desired crops and harvest them for their family’s needs. We were also able to assist in building a new garden box as the demands are high for them and prepare the boxes in the greenhouse for this fall’s planting. The week was finished out by painting the garden shed that was built by SAC’s mission team from the previous year.

Other highlights of the trip included a tour of downtown Providence in which the team observed the great diversity of cultures in the city as well as evidence of recent protests and riots (boarded up and abandoned stores, spray painted graffiti, posters and BLM signs on buildings and residences). The final evening in Providence, the team went out and did a prayer walk around the local neighborhood; pausing to pray over and anoint a housing unit for women and children, a couple of parks, the local school, and a large apartment complex that is known to house older generations who struggle with addictions.

Although we were not able to work directly with the community and kids as originally hoped and planned, the team all still felt very strongly called to do the Lord’s work to help the Envision Providence site be ready to open their doors when the state allows them to. Our work was noticed by many in the neighborhood, with many kids stopping by to see who the strangers were. Also while working a neighbor noticed the team in the hot sun and purchased Gatorade for us. There was a lady who visited the site daily to work on her garden, sang along to worship songs with us, and thanked us each time we talked. The Lord’s presence was greatly felt throughout the week and we all felt blessed to be a part of this mission trip.

-Jessica McCullough (Missions Coordinator)

This trip was such a blessing to go on. It was completely different than what we had originally planned. We had planned on doing a basketball camp for the kids around the neighborhood. Due to COVID-19, we were unable to do so and the trip was redesigned and turned into a work trip. Our mission team helped clean up the community garden that is on the site. We weeded and mulched, which seemed never ending. My favorite thing was cutting down the trees that had grown between the fence of the property and the neighbors fence. We carried so many buckets of dirt, compost, and mulch that by the end of the week we had blisters. I enjoyed the prayer walk that we did around the neighborhood of the church. Our team prayed for the parks, the school, and the apartment buildings. While we prayed, Heather Long anointed every place with her anointing oil. At one of the parks we went to, Rob and Amy Childs said, "This park is where all the kids felt safe." They wanted us to pray that this would stay a safe place. While we were there I teared up because God laid the song that was sung on the Sunday before we left, “Graves Into Gardens," in my head. In this song it says “You turn graves into gardens, You turn bones into armies, You turn seas into highways." The same God that turns graves to gardens, also turns parks into churches, because He cares so much about His children. So this trip may have not been what was expected. We didn’t get to tell anyone about Jesus, it was not glamorous or glorified, but we helped plant seeds within the community (almost literally).

-Destiny Beckett

Youth Ministry Updates

Student Ministry -- Together Again

Student ministry is back up and running and going strong once again! As a reminder, students in grades 5-8 meet on Sunday mornings at 11am on the East Campus in the Hopeshakers room (room D). Grades 9-12 meet on Sunday evenings from 6-8pm, also in the Hopeshakers room.

To stay up to date on anything that has to do with our student ministries, please make sure to follow us on our Facebook and Instagram pages linked below!

If you have any questions email Pastor Josh at josh@shawneealliance.com

Children's Ministry Update

VBS is coming up, and we are looking for YOU to attend!

Volunteers Needed! VBS is a church-wide event with those in high school and older encouraged to join as volunteers! A Family VBS will be held from July 20 - 23 from 6-8 pm at the Activity Center and your help is needed! If you would like to serve as a prayer partner with families, serve snacks, or assist with crafts or activities, please register at shawneealliance.com/events or email sheila@shawneealliance.com by July 17.

Family-wide VBS!! Please plan to have your whole family attend this new event to be held July 20 through July 23 from 6-8 pm each night at the SAC Activity Center. (If you can't attend EVERY night, that is no problem. Come when you're available.) Even though there is no cost for this event, family registration is required. There will be activities, snacks, devotionals, guest speakers and more, with a movie night on July 23. Please note: Adult(s) MUST attend with the children. ALL ages are welcome and encouraged to attend.

There will be NO child care...adult(s) must attend also: parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, etc. Registration includes choosing nights you plan to attend.

Registration website (shawneealliance.com/events)

Upcoming Events

The 9:30 A.M. and 11:00 A.M. services will continue to be offered in-person, with the 11A.M. service also broadcasted online through Facebook and YouTube. For our in-person services, social distancing will be followed and the set-up will be adjusted to keep services safe for those that attend and serve.

Some small groups are meeting digitally. Other groups have begun planning to return to in-person meetings. For more information contact your group leader, or use the "Groups" page on the website. Many other events and groups meeting in the coming months are still pending. Please continue to check out our social media platforms and the Shawnee Alliance website for up to date information.

7/20 - 7/23/2020 -- Family VBS (6-8pm)

7/25/2020 -- Day of Fasting and Prayer

8/9/2020 -- Blessing of the Backpacks

8/9/2020 -- Baptism Picnic @ Martin's Pond (Starts at 3pm)

8/16/2020 -- Pastor Daniel Messner's Retirement Open House (2-4pm)

8/22 - 8/29/2020 -- Prayer Walk Focusing on School

8/29/2020 -- Day of Fasting and Prayer

Ways To Give

Thank you for being generous stewards to Shawnee Alliance Church! We are grateful for your support that allows our ministries to continue and grow. Connect cards and offerings can be dropped off as you exit the service on Sunday or by mailing to the church office. Other ways to give:

- Text the amount to 84321

- Shawnee Alliance website - Donate Tab

- Church Center App (found in your App Store)

"And do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased." Hebrews 13:16


Our Prayer Ministry aims to teach and lead the church in both individual and corporate prayer. We submit to Jesus Christ as the head of the church and will strive to obey his command that his church should be called a house of prayer. We do this through prayer and fasting as a congregation once a month, prayer chain emails, classes on prayer and intercessory prayer team members praying prior to and during the Sunday morning services.

Day of Prayer and Fasting Update

In January, when we began a year of prayer and fasting on the last Saturday of each month, little did we know of the events that would soon occur and change what we had planned to do on our prayer focus days. Prayer is a vital tool of communication with God that no one can take away from us. How awesome to have a heavenly Father who is available 24/7, every moment of every day. Though we have been isolated from others, we are never isolated from Him.

I have heard from many of you as to the value of having a day set aside to intentionally spend extra time with God. Listening is an art that most of us need to practice. God has plenty to share with us; however, it is usually in a quiet voice that we need to be still in order to hear. Some of you can afford to take a whole day to pray and fast while others may need to plan to spend a portion of the day to do so. Either way, God is eagerly awaiting to spend time with you!

For our next day of prayer and fasting, July 25th, we have an important focus to take to the Lord. With the changes in the lives of our families due to the pandemic, it is paramount to seek God's wisdom for the education of our young people and how that will look this coming 2020-2021 school year. We ask that you intentionally spend time before the Lord, seeking wisdom for our school administrators, the teachers and the parents involved. And if you want to actively get involved, as a family, find a school nearby to prayer walk the grounds. No one is there presently so that's a safe adventure to engage in.... praying onsite with insight!

Stay tuned for details of future prayer day emphasis: the upcoming elections, prayer and appreciation for our Staff, and a prayer station set up in the lobby of our East Campus.

If you want to be involved or get more information on our prayer ministry, please contact Denise at denisellen1@gmail.com.

Do you have a request that you want to share with the staff or placed on the prayer chain? Feel free to contact us with prayer concerns for staff only or to share with prayer warriors by emailing your request to: prayer@shawneealliance.com.

The Presidential Prayer Team

A prayer tip for our nation: Would you like a free source to be informed about our president, cabinet, featured leaders for prayer and national news on a daily basis for the sole purpose of prayer?

Check out their website below!

This is a national non-denominational ministry, active since 2001, that exists to provide a consistent urging toward prayer for our president and leadership of the U.S.A. The team believes that prayer is an effective tool that can transform our nation and is a gift given to us by God. I have been a member for almost 10 years and find it one of the best prayer tools out there for covering our nation.

Bible Reading Plan

The number one habit to bring transformation to your life is reading your Bible. You will get to know Jesus on a deeper level and learn wisdom for your everyday choices. You can find a free Bible in the Lobby. Take one today or download the YouVersion app on your phone. Use this simple SOAP format to guide your interaction with God's Word.

  • Scripture. Take your time reading each chapter and allow God to speak to you.
  • Observation. What do you see God doing in the Scripture? What is God saying to you?
  • Application. Ask yourself how you can apply this to your life right now.
  • Prayer. Communicate with God and ask Him to help you apply this to your life.

Try it out this week! Add a chapter from Proverbs every day to the below plan. (List is also posted every Sunday on social media.)

Friday, July 10 -- Hebrews 9:14-16

Saturday, July 11 -- Ephesians 1

Sunday, July 12 -- Exodus Chapters 13-15

Monday, July 13 -- 2 Samuel 22:50-51

Tuesday, July 14 -- Psalm 18

Wednesday, July 15 -- Psalm 71

Thursday, July 16 -- Psalm 106

Friday, July 17 -- Romans 8:1-3

Saturday, July 18 -- Philippians 1:18-20

Sunday, July 19 -- Exodus Chapters 16 & 17

Monday, July 20 -- Genesis 22

Tuesday, July 21 -- Psalm 34

Wednesday, July 22 -- 1 Corinthians 10

Thursday, July 23 -- Romans 13

Friday, July 24 -- Philippians 4

Saturday, July 25 -- Matthew 23

Sunday, July 26 -- Exodus 18

Thanks for reading and be sure to check out our next issue of the Shawnee Alliance Snapshot for your survey results!