Jared Adams Jareda02@gmail.com

Junior at California State University, Fullerton

EDUCATION: Communications major with a concentration in Journalism.

GRADUATION: December 2018, GPA: 3.1

COURSE WORK: Currently taking, Communication Law, Communication writing and broadcasting, Sociology theory, Popular Culture, and Business Administration. RELEVANT PROJECT: I have done multiple projects for multiple classes, all including, speaking and reporting on certain situations happening in a class or on campus. All having a very specific topic that helped me gain experience on commenting and speaking on different issues.

I am just now starting to put out resumé for internships.
FACEBOOK: Jared Adams SNAPCHAT: J_adams2 INSTAGRAM: Jareda20 TWITTER: ja_adams2

I'd like to one day become a Sports Broadcaster for ESPN, FOX, or CBS; that would be the ultimate accomplishment. Finishing school with my masters is my second aspired accomplishment, I believe that with a masters and my work ethic, I make the perfect candidate for any company in the broadcasting field.

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