Anchor Activity 13 and Older

Anchor or Main Activity: Winning The Ball Back

Setup: Two goals. 6-7 players per team. Each team has a goalkeeper. Cones divide the field into half.

Directions: Play to two goals. Field is divided in half. If a team wins the ball in their attacking half it is worth 2 points. If they win it in their defending half it is worth 1 point. Winning the ball back means keeping possession. If a goal is scored after winning the ball back then a bonus point is added.

Coaching Questions to ask: 1. When is it time to win the ball higher up the field vs deeper? (when the attacking team is under duress in their defensive half) Examples: bad first touch, head down, etc. 2) When is it time to win the ball back deeper vs higher? (when the attacking team isn't under duress in their defensive half and has no pressure on them)

Although a very raw example, this video shows that if a team is patient then a lot of times the other team will give the ball back to them.


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