Top Five DEMOCRATIC hopefuls in 2020 By Jackson Bogan

Campaigning season is underway, and many people are hoping to become the next president of the United States; however, finite number of candidates have a real shot at the White House. These are the top five candidates based on polling data as of January 16th, 2020.

1. Joe Biden

Former Vice-President Joe Biden is currently leading in the polls for Democratic candidates, with roughly 29% support among democratic voters. Biden has stated that he wishes to bring America back to being the global leader, and wishes to strengthen the position of low-wage workers in fields such as manufacturing and farming.


Senator Bernie Sanders is polling second with 23% support among Democratic voters. Sanders has made it clear that he wishes to curtail the influence of the rich, as well as his support for policies such as 'Medicare for all' and providing free college tuition to all college students.

3. Elizabeth Warren

Senator Elizabeth Warren is polling behind Bernie Sanders with about 14% approval from Democrat voters. Warren has spoken highly of the American middle class and in the length of her career has been an opponent of large corporations whom she has described as corrupt and abusive.

4. Pete Buttigieg

Former Mayor Pete Buttigieg is currently polling in fourth, with around 7.2% support amongst Democratic voters. Buttigieg is a staunch environmentalist and has shown clear passion for climate change related issues.

5. Michael Bloomberg

Former Mayor Michael Bloomberg, coming in fifth, with just little under 6.6% support from Democratic voters. Bloomberg has been outspoken in his support for gun control and climate change laws, but is generally considered to have more conservative views on economic topics like the wealth tax.

Created By
Jackson Bogan