Wolves are mammals. There large dog like animals that move around in packs. They are powerful hunters and fast runners. Wolves have long snouts and pointed ears. Their senses of smell and hearing is very good. Wolves are known for there loud , long howls and barks. Information from backyard animals.

These wolfs looking for food.

Wolves senses are one of the best senses in the animal kingdom. All wolfs and dogs have amazing senses .

This is a Coyote. He or she is part of the wolf family.

A Coyote is part of the wolf family. They are different because a coyote has a more of a fox snout than a wolf.

There are different types wolves that includes The white wolf, Brown wolf, Asian wolf, Mexican wolf, Grey / Timber wolf , Pale desert wolf and other types.

This wolf skin they are sold for money.

Some wolves species are in danger because the are hunted for there meat and skin. You can help the wolves by donate money to the wolves.

This is a wolf rug


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