The Austins Come To Texas Chapter 8 Section 2

Though he was broke, Moses Austin was not deafeated. He had profited once by moving to a Spanish land.

Moses Austin was born in Connecticut and grew up there.

Moses Austin went to meet with a Spanish Governor Antonio María Martínez, however, Antonio did not like U.S. citizens. So he made Moses leave.

Moses then met a Dutch Businessman, Baron de Bastrop. He left the Netherlands because he was accused of theft, his original name was Philip Hedrik Nearing Bögel. And went to San Antonio and lived with his new title.

Satisfied, Austin returned to Missouri to await news. In the springs of 1821, he learned that Spanish officials aggreed to his plan.

Colonial Life. Settlers in Austin's colonies built log cabins and planted crops. What shows in the picture above.

Stephen Austin was 27 years old when he learned of his fathers death. Austin became determined to continue on his fathers work in bringing U.S. settlers to Texas.

He traveled o San Antonio de Bexar in August 1821.

Erasmo Seguin, a rancher and the alcalde of the town.

Cotton gins devices that separate cotton fibers from seeds.

Militia is an army that are the citizens that serve when necessary.

This was Stepehn F. Austins map, he created this Colony map in 1833.


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