KOTW - Believe Music video treatment

Video takes on a grey scale, almost black and white type grading which comes into full colour towards the end of the video

The narrative of the video is about ambitious up coming artists who live in a shack and have day jobs at a call centre struggling but performing at night and making it at the end.

Performance set ups will be built in sequence with the narrative where will see Tribal and Dream Team perform in different gigs as part of bookings they got while pushing their music.
Product Placement B-Roll Shots

performances at different gigs which they getting booked for at night when not working at a call centre

A performance set in studio where they are recording their song

For the product placement shot will have a signed DanUp poster with the Kings of the Weekend on it, hanging on the wall inside the shack where the boys look at it and look up to the guys

Another B-Roll cutaway of the guys getting inside a taxi on their way to work and that taxi is branded with DanUp branding

Inside the taxi will capture a performance set of the choir with Tribal and DreamTeam

Performance set inside their home cutting to B-Roll cutaways of morning routines of waking up late because of the late nights due to their gigs

[DanUp Poster Hanging on the wall in the background]

Another performance set will be set inside the call centre where they work. Which is managed by Sphe and Naves.

Noticing the talent of their two workers they refer them to a big shot in the music industry they know everything turning into full colour after they shake hands

B-Roll cutaways of everyday living dynamics where we see Dreamteam and Tribal commuting from their shack to work, then from their work to their gigs

final performance set in the board room where the big shot music mogul comes to sign the guys

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