Time Management Learning Objective #2

Semester Schedule

This is my Spring Schedule. It allows me to see teacher emails, office hours, class times and important dates.

Weekly Schedule

This is my Spring schedule by the week. This allows me to schedule times to study and do other activities around my typical school week.

Daily Plan

Homemade planner for my week of February 26th through March 4th. This planner shows what needs to be done each day ranking #1 as most important.

Part 2. Detailed Time Record

Each activity during the day can be put into 4 separate categories or "quadrants." Each quadrant ranks from #1 being most important or a necessity to #4 being a waste of time. Below is my minute to minute schedule of three consecutive days in which you are able to see what daily activity falls in what quadrant.

Journal #1: Today is April 11th, 2017. Today I woke up around 9:30 am. I started my day with a shower then with breakfast around 10:20. I headed out to campus around 11:00 to work on Math 1020 homework before my meeting with Mrs. Babb. i met with Mrs. Babb around 11:45. We just went over my portfolio and what i still need to do in order to get a good grade. After our meeting I ate lunch at Which Wich with some friends around 12:30 pm. After lunch I went to the library to finish my math homework and to work on my portfolio. I stayed in the library till around 3:00 pm. I then went to play pick up basketball with some people at Fike. After playing basketball for a little over an hour, I went home to shower and change. I later hung out with friends before eating dinner around 7:00 pm. After dinner, I went over a few history notes to prepare for class the next day. After studying I played video games until going to sleep around midnight.

Journal #2: Today is April 12th, 2017. I started my day by waking up at 8:10 am and hopping in the shower. After rinsing off, I began getting dressed and getting all of my things together for school. I then ate a bagel with cream cheese for breakfast. After breakfast, I had to head out the door to my Western Civilization class. I got to campus and class started at 9:05 am. During class time I listened to Dr. Grubb and took notes on imperialism in Europe. After Dr. Grubbs class, I had to go to Entrepreneurship 1010 with Dr. Hannon. All we did was just over the group project due dates and a movie clip from Ghost Busters. After Dr. Hannons class I went to eat lunch at my house before my Psychology class at 12:20 pm. I left my house around 12:00 to get to Psychology 2010. We went over power points in class and what is expected to be on the final exam. After Psychology I went to Math 1020. During class we went over examples in the lecture guide. After Math 1020, I had to go to CU 1010. During class we each presented a slide from our portfolio. I presented my professor interview with Dr. Hannon. I talked about what he teaches and his hobbies outside the classroom. After class I came home to relax for a bit. I hung out with friends and played video games for awhile then I later cleaned my room around 5:30 pm. I ate dinner at Chick-Fil-A around 6:30 pm then went straight to the library. At the library I worked on my portfolio for quite awhile. I went home around 10:30 pm and watched television till around midnight. A long day it has been. Good night.

Journal #3: Today is Thursday April 13th, 2017. I started my day by waking up around 9:00 am. After waking up, I then proceeded to take a shower and get ready. I ate breakfast around 9:30 am before going on a run around 10:15. I ran to the loft apartments near my house where they have a little gym to workout in. I worked out for about an hour and a half before eating lunch at Wendy's around 12:30. After I ate, I went back hoe to shower and change. I later went to the library around 2:00 pm to work on my portfolio. After working on my portfolio for a few hours I later did my Math 1020 homework. After my math homework, I headed home to relax for a while. I hung out till around 6:30 before heading back to campus to eat dinner and go to the library. I continued to work on my portfolio till around 10:00. I relaxed till about 11:30 before heading to bed.

Part 3. Evaluate and Revise

3-D pie chart of each quadrant for day #1
3-D pie chart of each quadrant for day #2
3-D pie chart of each quadrant for day #3

Revise: All three days I recorded were somewhat a success. I was able to to stick to my schedule without any interruptions during these days. Although I was not completely on scheduled during day #1, I was still able to get the things that fell into quadrant one done and that is what truly matters. I could definitely spend a little less time playing video games and hanging out with friends and spend more time doing school work. It also did not seem that my failure to stick to my whole schedule during day #1 effected my schedules for day #2 and #3. In order to achieve success you must put towards effort but time is extremely important as well. You need time in order to put in decent effort. Therefore time management is key when succeeding in school. It was also very nice to have a strict, thought out schedule to follow. It helped me stay on track of the things I need to do in order to be successful in each class. Also ranking each task from most important to least throughout the day helps you know what must be done first before starting anything else. Although I can not follow my schedule each and every day, I will still continue to make a weekly schedule each semester. I think it helps a lot having a strict schedule written out for every school day.

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