BLINK Cincinnati Oct. 12-15

BLINK is a four-day light and art festival that will include 21 light projection mappings, a parade, multiple building murals, 27 art installations and six stages of live entertainment.

The festival spans 20 blocks, which organizers divided into four zones that roughly follow the Cincinnati streetcar route. Zone one surrounds the Freedom Center at the Banks; zone two surrounds Fountain Square in the Central Business District; zone three is the area around Washington Park in Over-the-Rhine; and Findlay Market is the focal point for zone four.

The Art Installations

The art installations play a key role in connecting all four zones. Here are brief descriptions of each installation.

Zone One: The Banks

Location: Freedom Center lawn near "Sing the Queen City" sculpture

Impulse is a group of interactive, acoustic and illuminated seesaws that respond and transform when in motion. Toronto-based Lateral Office created Impulse.

Location: Freedom Way between Walnut and Main streets

Brite Idea is a 10-foot-wide by 6-foot-tall homage to the iconic Lite Brite toy. Local artists Such+Such designed the installation.

Zone Two: Downtown Central Business District

Fountain Square, 520 Vine St., Downtown

HueTUBE Flow is an interactive art installation that allows people to generate acoustic vibrations and light through touch. Canadian groups Generique Design and En Temps Et Lieu created the installation.

Location: 174 E. Fifth St., Downtown

Go with the Flow JeL.E.Ds is an immersive art installation created by Patchy Projects, a trio of artists that includes Chris Hall, Alec Rudek and George Berlin.

Location: 201 E. Fifth St., Downtown

The Light Painting Photo Booth by Xavier University Department of Art faculty member Jonathan Gibson allows people to create their own piece of art at BLINK.

Location: 75 Gano St., Downtown

Loop is an art installation by London-based Loop.pH, founded in 2003 by Mathias Gmachl and Rachel Wingfield.

Location: Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County, 800 Vine St., Downtown

Storybook is an illuminated diorama of white layers and light sculpture designed by Cincinnati architecture firm BHDP Architecture.

Location: Walnut and Seventh streets, Downtown

The Queen's Throne is an LED-illuminated sculpture that resembles Union Terminal. Local artists Kate Demske and Josh Stout created the Queen's Throne.

Location: 30 Garfield Place, Downtown

The Seen and Unseen is a light sculpture created by Cincinnati-based brand-experience agency LPK that will light up Garfield Place.

Location: Eighth and Main streets, Downtown

Luminous Ether is an interactive lighting experience created by the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America, a national, nonprofit society with a Cincinnati-based chapter.

Location: 119 E. Court St., Downtown

Intrude, by Tasmanian artist Amanda Parer, is made up of internally lit, inflatable rabbits that will invade Court Street during BLINK.

Zone Three: Over-the-Rhine/Washington Park

Location: Central Parkway median

Stumpies, by Cincinnati artist Matthew Grote, are wooden lanterns lit from within by LEDs. At least 30 Stumpies, each painted with unique characters, will line the Central Parkway median and other areas of BLINK.

Location: Main Street and Central Parkway, Over-the-Rhine

It Must Give Off & Receive Light, by Cincinnati-based Intermedio, is a maze that invites participants to walk through humming and blinking columns of light spread out across an outdoor parking lot roughly 100 feet by 70 feet.

Location: 1195 Elm St., Over-the-Rhine

Al-hambra Nights is comprised of multiple illuminated geometric sculptures hanging at various heights. Indianapolis-based artist Anila Quayyum Agha created Al-hambra Nights.

Location: Washington Park, 1230 Elm St., Over-the-Rhine

Architects of Air is an interactive maze of lights and inflatable domes created by European artist Alan Parkinson. It will transform Washington Park into a walk-through luminarium by day and a glowing light sculpture by night.

Location: Washington Park, 1230 Elm St. Over-the-Rhine

The Poolby New York-based sculpture Jen Lewin, encourages participants to leap from one lit lilypad to another. The movement creates different lighting and color effects.

Location: Washington Park, 1230 Elm St., Over-the-Rhine

Vase Maze, by artist Gautam Rao, is an interactive mini-golf course made up of six playable holes. Each hole will have an illuminated “vase” standing 8 feet tall.

Location: 1400 Pleasant St., Over-the-Rhine

Irradiate – Urban Meadow is a one-block landscape of immersive lighting and LED lanterns. A group of Pleasant Street neighbors created the installation.

Location: 1230 Elm St., Over-the-Rhine

BLINK of an Eye is an interactive light sculpture created by University of Cincinnati adjunct professor Erin Taylor.

Location: 15th and Pleasant streets, Over-the-Rhine

The World's Largest Mobile Disco Ball measures 11 feet in diameter, contains nearly 1,000 mirrors and weighs three-quarters of a ton. W.M. Kelley, a manufacturing facility based in Louisville, Kentucky, constructed the disco ball.

Location: 1879 Michael Bay Way, Over-the-Rhine

Easy Breezy is a canopy of white umbrellas outlined in different colored EL lighting tape that gently sways back and forth and appears to dance when someone walks by it. Dayton, Ohio, artist Mallory Feltz created the installation.

Zone Four: Findlay Market/Over-the-Rhine

Location: 117 W. Liberty St., Over-the-Rhine.

Endless Commerce, by artists Joe Girandola and Matt Lynch, is a re-creation of Brancusi's "Endless Column" made from discarded milk crates and outlined with changing LED light strips.

Location: West Elder Street and Campbell Alley, Over-the-Rhine

Applause is an interactive applause sign that will react to the actions of BLINK visitors. Tyler Hamilton, the senior art preparator at the Contemporary Arts Center, created Applause.

Location: 1675 Central Parkway, Over-the-Rhine

Forealism Tribe's Light Ship and Infinity Portals incorporates light, projection mapping, performances, audience engagement and dance parties to create an otherworldly experience.

Location: Rookwood Pottery Studio, 1920 Race St., Over-the-Rhine

Charlie the Peacock is a large illuminated and automated peacock that will open and close its plume synced to music. Charlie is the creation of Tim Scofield, Kyle Miller and Steve Dalnekoff.

Roaming throughout BLINK


The Kinetic Kauchii DekoSofa will travel around BLINK, coming to people where they are. A pilot – part performance artist, part safety officer – will control the speed and steer the couch. Baltimore-based Formstone Castle Collective created the couch.


A pack of three illuminated Chomper bikes will roam throughout BLINK. Opera-Matic, an arts organization focused on building community resilience through creative play, created the bikes.

Created By
Brian Mains


All photos courtesy BLINK Cincinnati

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