Blue Team GoKart Period 1 Ethan Bishop, Colin Bishop, Don D'Giovanni, Ryan Cummings, Nolan Schaffer

Day Number 1

So why are we making a go kart? Simple, Why Not? For our biggest project of the year we want a big challenge and this definitely provides us with complex problems to make a complex product.
With my teams success on all our previous projects we were very confident moving right into this project. By the end of the first day we had plenty of ideas, and a rough idea of how everything was going to function. We had ideas for a transmission (Ethan), Brake (Don), Steering (Ryan) Body (Nolan). and electronics and throttle (Colin). Up Above you can see our absolute first sketch of the kart, as well as us browsing for items we want to buy, and we took apart a bike wheel to get out the clutch. We determined that instead of finding wheels we would buy them for simplicity and continuity sake.

Day Number 2

We carefully selected our piece of plywood. Hopefully it wont warp.

Started in work in Onshape. Here Colin is designing our wheels.

We got all the spokes cleaned up off our first clutch.

We Started Looking at the electronics for the go kart. Turn Signals, Horn, and Throttle.

Parts for the body started to be drawn up in Onshape for the CNC.

Already making a dashboard for the electronics.

Also on Day 2 we looked more at Lowe's and came up with the list of what we want to order. We pooled some money to go and buy 10" wheels from Harbor Freight. Very Productive Day.

Day Number 3

The most important thing that happened today is we got our wheels in, and despite being cheap, they are consistent and have decent bearings.
Colin Continued on the electronics work finishing up the code, and starting to mount pieces on the dashboard.
Our Lowe's order came in with 4 2 x 4 x 8's, and screws, and threaded rod for our axles. We also made our cut list and cut all our pieces, and began to assemble the front axle for the front wheels.
The Last thing that happened today was the completion of out seat assembly in Onshape by Nolan and Ryan. Next class i should get the CNC file done, and routed.

Day Number 4

The seat came to life fast. During my Aid Period I had time to run the CNC file, so we had a kick start to this period. The joints right off the CNC were a bit tight, but we wanted this so we could shape them to a tight fit. Unfortunately the assembly was further complicated because our plywood got warped. It will take some more fiddling around to get them to mesh properly.
Colin continued on adding components to his dashboard, and it was ready to function by the end of the period. We will install it once the frame is assembled.
Me, and Don worked on the rear part of our frame, we made a couple changes to the plans, but we think it was for the better. Should be ready to mount the axle's soon.

Day Number 5

Today we assembled, and assembled some more. It looks like a Go Kart, but missing all the systems.

During my Aid Period I assembled the transmission gears, and mounted the rear axle. We started day 5 by mounting the wheels onto the back axle.

Got ready to install the front axle, this will be a lot of threading nuts onto all-thread.

That took like 10 minutes to thread all the nuts.

We tried it on the front of the car, and it is decent we need to make a stronger connection point.

We mounted the seat bottom on the frame to hold it flat so we could easily attach the rest of the seat.

We Messed around testing out the transmission speed with the gear temporarily chucked in the drill with no clutch. It worked and the speeds were obvious, but it definitely needs a clutch or we cannot change gears. But overall it was impressive how well it worked.

We also tried it with my drill which seemed to have a little more power.

Day Number 6

The Biggest Thing to happen today was CNCing the plywood to reinforce the underside of our Gokart by Colin. This made our gokart super ridgid.

We reinforced the joint between the body and our front axle. This still needs to be revisited though its still not strong enough.

We attached the angle iron for the steering system.

Don installed his brake prototype on the mdf brake disc. It seems like it should work really well.

Day Number 7

We had to run another shopbot file today for another set of gears. Because of sone complications in the transmission we had to add another set of gears to get the drill in the right place.
The brake assemble was finished today besides the pedal on the front of the kart. We added a brake pad, and the string to the pedal.

Here is a video of the brake in action at a slow speed.

Day Number 8/ End of Interim Report

Here is our end of the interim progress picture. Every system has a good start, and have been started to be implemented. In the coming interim period we need to continue implementing the systems, and fine tuning everything about our go kart.

Link to my personal portfolio progress report:

Today I mounted the axle for the transmission carriage to slide on, and am now ready to make the carriage. Also in order to allow more tolerance for the carriage we took a sander and 40 grit paper and sanded down the external disc on the gear stack. That was fun.

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