Restoration Sen Geun


What is restoration? Something that is restored, as by renovating.It is the act to restore renew or reestablish buildings , artwork, documents , paperwork, clothing returning them to a former, original, normal, or unmodified form.

A restitution of something taken away or lost. A reconstruction or reproduction of an ancient building, extinct animal, or the like, showing it in its original state. A putting back into a former position, dignity.

A restoration of a historically yellow-tinted photography


Restoration is not the only process that can be happened in furniture, machines or buildings ,it can also be carefully go through with the mind of humans. Usually with things that happened or emotions that been felt being the most unforgettable, the stronger it gets the hard to forget because they went deep to your subconsciousness with any real signals. And of course joyful memories are the easiest everyone yet for all the negative emotion memories and thoughts ,that is another story.

from Vietnam war

Most likely under extreme shocks that last for a long period of time, they leave as traumas that could be easy enough to ruin one's life, or worse their surroundings, or even worse a nation.

especially for victim survived after a war, it is not rare to read news case about soldiers having serious mental illness that trigger them constantly to hallucinate visual and auditory-ly. some veterens would still think they are in the front line if the are a cook or a driver. according to time magazine over half of the soldiers return home suffer from more than one mental disease, common illness such as PTSD, depression, substance abuse, etc

A girl grieving over a small dead body during Vietnam war

experiments with...

with the start of a new topic comes with new sets of experiments:

Alice in the wonderland inspired experiment
cutting boundaries
the tools
same with arquilics
cutting multiple holes

Getting inspiration

Low brow art

One of the art style i was told by recently by a mentor is called low-brow art, although for my language I've hardly heard of this particular terminology yet through research, I've found out that "low-brow" actually describes something that is not highly intellectual or cultured. That came to my curiosity of how a certain genre of art like this could exist because of how art is based off on intelligence and culture. Surprisingly, with my research i came out with these:

an example of low brow art
water-colored art
structure within madness
digital illustrated style poster
futuristic ideas

I found out that it was not the art that are lacking intelligence or culture, they were reflections of how this society is lack intelligence and culture, which to me it is one of the most clever yet sarcastic ways of expression.


piece by Todd Schorr
Todd Schorr and his creation
cartoon and religious inspired piece by Schorr

Todd Schorr was one of the artist who lead the pop-surrealism art movement, which we known as "low brow art". Born in America in mid 50's, he was influenced by the animated cartoon broadcast-ed on the television, such as Disney animations and with one of his interviews he said he was influenced by one of the fantasy movie, the 1933 King Kong. Yet with his heavy influence from cartoon, he did not adapt the 2-D style of presentation, instead with his training on art skills, he used the "old-master" painting technique which would be best described as a "Post-Apocalyptic Renascence" style. He definitely did break the boundaries of fine art painting as he put some that could be considered nonsense or "kids stuff" on a detailed and grand presentation.

clash of holidays

One of his successful exhibition in 2002, <Clash of Holidays Controversy in Florida> is a great representation for low brow art itself by focusing on issues and bizarre trends in the United States, and especially for Florida. By having "Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny locked in mortal combat. Santa's wielding an ax. The rabbit has a knife. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and Baby Jesus, who's munching on an ear from a chocolate rabbit" (brief description from reviewer ) brilliantly showcase the holiday season chaos in America, how commercialism disrupted the peace between holidays.

Things to steal from...

Snowman inspired art by Schorr

As Schorr stole ideas from cartoons and fine art, i decided to do the same action, to stole his mixture of style and adapt it to mine.


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