Social Studies Ch. 13 Lesson 1 By:Weston Lundell

1. The civil rights movement included Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, and more.

Rosa parks

2. Atfter suffering inequalities of rights with white Americans they began to make real progress in gaining back their civil rights.

3. James farmer and George Housher founded the congresss of racial inequality

4. that inequalities group had protesters that helped segregated places to end segregation.

5. Some places they helped end segregation was in Chicago, Detroit, Denver, and Syracuse, a city in New York.

6. The U.S. Supreme Court had upheld segregation in the past, but in 1896 things changed.

7. In 1896 in Plessy vs. Ferguson the court ruled that it was legal to have "separate but equal facilities" for African Americans.

8. Thur good Marshall was a chief lawyer for the NAACP.

9. The case of brown v. Board of education Topeka, Kansas aced the Supreme Court to let a African American girl go to a all white school blocks from her house.

10. On May 17, 1954, the court gave the ruling over the case that separating schoolchildren was against the consititution.


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