Kay's Babysitting Fun Days So much fun Your child/Children will want me to babysit again! Family Only Unless You are a well known Friend

Kay Babysitting Fun Days: 1.Babysits up to 1-3 kids 2.Ages 3-10 3.Weekend hours are, 12pm to 10pm for special occasions or date night
Prices are as follows: 1 hour: $15 2 hours: $25 3 hours: $30 4 hours: $35 5 hours: $40 6 hours: $45 7 hours: $50- Anything above 7 hours will be a additional $9.25- Every 10 minutes late a additional $2.50 will be added
Any Additional Information// Phone-7087128868 Email- kayleahscott@gmail.com Name-Kayleah Scott-Age 13- Loves to make money and babysit kids Parent: Khyia & Ricky ( I babysit at your house) P.S. I am a teenager so I know what kids like and want that should be wonderful for you and them, Right? lol


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