2017 Will Be Like... By: Ava campbell

Donald Trump will make America a mess. I don't know exactly what he'll do but I predict that somehow, he'll do something worth investigating. Hopefully, he doesn't mess us up too bad, but I still predict he'll do something that I'll disagree with.

I also predict that you will shortly see... me going on a backpacking trip! I'm not sure they're even having one this year at the place I usually go with, but I still predict I'll go on one somehow.

One of my goals for 2017 is to grow out my terrible haircut! I got my hair drastically cut during winter break, and the change was not welcome. I told the hairstylist to only cut a 1/2 inch off to even it out a little bit. A 1/2 INCH! An hour later, I was left crying as he cut off three inches. My hair barely reached my shoulders. It looks super bad on me, because my hair is extremely thick and curly. Until it grows out, I'll always leave it up where no one can tell the true length. However, I'm excited to try out new hair growing techniques.

Another goal is to start working out and eating healthier. In the past year, I've really fallen back in the health category. I know I can do better. That doesn't necessarily mean working out everyday, but just being more aware of the things I eat. I'm taking health this semester, so that'll maybe help me in that category.

In the news, I think one of the main things will be Donald Trump. Because he's going into office, he's sure to be doing some strange things, whether you like it or not. This is sure to be quite newsworthy. I also believe Russian hackers might get involved with the situation we're in. I'm not sure what they'll do, but I know they'll do something important.

Another thing that'll be in the news, I at least hope, is America uniting more. Since the election was last year, America was 'the most divided it has ever been.' Now that Trump is elected, there's really nothing we can do. I hope that this is the year where people can realize that we are all people and we have to work together to make the world work. I hope that, through tough times, America can resurface stronger and the people help each other more.

If I could have a wish granted in 2017, it would be that ISIS is shut down. I wish they would stop and terrorists would quit. It would save so many lives and prevent so much destruction. Humans should build each other up, not tear each other apart. It's sad to watch it in the news and realize there's nothing you can do about it. But if I had an option, I would put a stop to it.

And lastly, if I had another wish, I would ask for more wishes. I know, it's cliche, but there's just so many things I would want to fix. I know that's just me avoiding the question, but it's true.


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