Cause and effects of Exploration Jacob Rowan


- One of the causes of exploration in Europe was for materials. Europeans thought that they should go get these materials from other countries across the world. How did they know these materials even existed in this time you might ask, well when the crusades took place on the way they found all these things on the way and so the Europeans knew they were out there and wanted them to improve their society/military. Materials such as herbs spices and mostly iron and geo materials for military and building purposes.

- Another cause of European exploration was because Europe was cut off from their trade route with Eastern countries, better known as the silk road. They were cut off because it was so hard for their cargo to travel that far without losing a majority of it from robbers/ natural causes. So Europeans went to explore to find a water route to Asia so they could get there and not risk as much. This became faster and more reliable as mapping got more reliable. This created more profit.


-Some of the effects of exploration were pretty drastic. One of the first effects of exploration was slavery. When Columbus traveled to South America, he didn’t make it sound like it but he and his people he brought enslaved those people and got them to work and get things for them. Then he wrote the king a letter saying he was taking them back to Spain, And he did. So Columbus effected Spain by bringing back free labor slaves.

-Another effect of exploration is the spread of religion. The people that Columbus took into slavery and brought to Spain they made them all commit to Christianity and worship the king. They basically did what Muslims did when they forced people to change religion by taxing them but only Spain didn’t tax they killed. This is one of the ways Christianity was spread in Europe other than the crusades.

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