EMPOWER Workshop News Package By: Erin Turkieltaub

I had the opportunity to attend the EMPOWER workshop sponsored by the Megan Meier Foundation at Maryville University. At the workshop students from all over the state gathered to gain more knowledge about bullying and cyberbullying prevention. I had the privilege to interview Jordan Eilerman, a poet, who shared her story of bullying through her poems. Her story was truly eye opening to how bullying can effect someone's entire life and how important it is to prevent it. I was also able to interview two Ladue students (Meghan Huber and Johnny Yeldham) who told me what they learned from the day and how they are planning on ending bullying at our school. The main idea I wanted to get across from my video was to inform people that bullying is a real issue, that happens to people everywhere and that working to end bullying is very necessary and should happen more in schools. The workshop was on November 20th, so I had one day to record all of my interviews and BRoll. This was a slight challenge for me since I had a limited amount of time to get done everything I needed to pull of this news package successfully. I tried to take BRoll at almost every opportunity I had, and I believed that helped me a lot. Seeing other student examples helped me to gain an idea of what I needed to film and how to put the story together. Overall I think that my News Package developed my story nicely and that my hard work payed off.

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