Routes of Santiago de Compostela: Camino Francés and Routes of Northern Spain a unesco world heritage site

The routes of Santiago de compostela is a journey that is from France to Spain the complete trail is 500 miles which would take about 30-35 days to walk it also there is 14 churches cathedrals on the way there and it all started in the ninth century in the year 814
this is the complete route of santiago de compostela from france to spain
The Way of St. James or camino de Santiago de compostela was one of the most important Christian pilgrimages during the Middle Ages, together with those to Rome and Jerusalem, and a pilgrimage route on which a plenary indulgence could be earned; other major pilgrimage routes include the Via Francigena to Rome and the pilgrimage to Jerusalem.
Legend holds that St. James's remains were carried by boat from Jerusalem to northern Spain, where he was buried in what is now the city of Santiago de Compostela this is his tomb
the Santiago de compostela its just a route that contains churches and cathedrals from France to Spain and to keep it looking good it just needs maintenance such as cleaning everything inside it keeping an eye out for anything that might look bad as an about to fall or getting destroy they do maintain them by putting cement in places need by puttin stuff back where they belong
this is one out of many cathedrals from the route of santiagpo

now how could you get there well is simple you first get a ticket to France and the trip starts in st jean pied de port and it ends in Santiago Spain hotels theirs a lot to choose from and tours are a lot too good thing about the tour is that on the whole way there is beautiful nature and well a lot of things to look at

part of the tour
nature in the tour
beautiful views
this is the last point of the tour, Santiago de compostela
a certificate you get if you complete the tour, cool you should visit!!
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