Should Students Get Paid for Good Grades? By: Kynadi anae flowers

Exchange: Money for Grades

I honestly believe kids should get paid for their grades. Just as if an adult were to go to work, work hard, then get paid that's just how the rotation goes. Kids, especially us in tag and advanced classes should be definitely paid more just as adults with more work experience and work ethic get a higher pay.

We deserve pay for our hard work, because quite frankly we don't have to do it. We have a choice and for the ones of us who actually want to do good in school, should get paid for at least trying. For us who achieves it and makes A & B Honor Roll an good grades should be recognized and appreciated with money.

Motivation Money

Not only will it reward the students with good grades, but it will make the kids that do bad in school want to work harder and do better to get that money. Just think money controls this generation and we can't keep ours hands off it! Imagine kids making all A's for the money not only will it benefit their knowledge, but also their pockets, that just makes them want to have more and more.

In conclusion, students should get paid for their grades because we earned it, worked hard for it, and it'll be motivation to other students.

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