The Historic Legend By:Coltin Lombrana

Shaquille O'neal was an amazing basketball player,he shattered so many records and won many awards with other basketball teams throughout his career.Every thing he did, everything he tried he worked hard to do it no matter what.

Its not easy being a great basketball player but Shaq definitely made it look easy! Being a good basketball player means you deal with many teams and of course that's what Shaq had done, he was traded to so many teams.

It all started here, Orlando this is where shaqs basketball career started but later in 1996 he had moved to Los Angeles for a $120 million contract with the Los angels Lakers.
After a disappointing season with the suns Shaq was traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2009 and he played with LeBron James.They were great teammates because they both worked really hard to win every game.
Shaquille changed teams yet again in 2010 signing with the Boston Celtics and was later known as a multi media celebrity and became a rapper.
In the year 1999-2000 Shaquille became the MVP (most valuable player).He even attracted the attention of college recruiters when his team won the state championship.

After eight amazing seasons with the Lakers he was traded to the Miami Heat, to this day he is one of the most active and greatest players in the sport of basketball.But of course we all know Michel Jordan was a great basketball player too.

O'neal was inducted into the Naismith Hall Of Fame in 2016.And just because shaq was traded to so many teams doesnt mean he wasnt a "good basketball player" all it means is that hes such an amazing player so many coaches wanted him on there team.
Ok so Shaq is a really good basketball player, i heard that he played liberty hill when he was in high school and we are the only school that beat his team!


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