Thank You To the Best first family of all time

Thank you for facing criticism with class

You have been constantly attacked, criticized, and told you were failing. You faced it all done with class, and never strayed from the course you viewed as right, and for that we have a better America.


Thank you for Showing America What Love Looks Like

You have graced the White House with your presence, leaving it behind with no scandals. You have supported each other's decisions, allowed Americans to peak into your personal life behind closed doors and see just how splendid it is.


Thank you for fighting for traditionally victimized communities

You spoke out against the use of Confederate flags, resided when gay marriage was legalized, and fought to keep health insurance for all alive. You have truly cared about people that have never been cared about before.


Thank you for having fun with it

Throughout the presidency, you embraced the internet, making viral Youtube videos, taking to Twitter to share news, and laughing at memes and online jokes that have happened. You showed us that presidents don't have to be stern men, but can instead roll their sleeves up and share a softer, funnier side with Americans while still getting the job done.


Thank you for making us hope

You have brought hope to many who were in fear, and as we enter the new age of America, this is more important than ever.

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