The US Constitution The 6 principles


The constitution has many different principles.

Popular Sovereignty

First the popular sovereignty is you can get you're own choices into the problems that people are having. Next all government power comes from power of the people. Then preamble is "we the people" indicates the people of the source of governments power. Also preamble is do ordain and establish this constitution for the United States of America. Finally you can have different ways people get help with the government and not have any problems.

Limited Government

First limited government prevents government from becoming to powerful. Next they start to have a hard time getting stuff done. Then in Article 1, Section 9, clause 7 they have limits the distribution of currency. Also in Article 1, section 6, clause 2 the government officials can only have one position in government. Finally limited government is when everything is equal.

Separation of Power

First the Separation of Power is a tax laws have to go through the house of representatives. Next in Article 1, section 7, clause 1 is all laws raising money of rights in the house of representatives. Then Article 1, section 7, clause 1 is all legislative power give conses sent to the house of representatives. Finally the three different power is three branches with the different taxed laws.


First in Federalism the federal government and state government worked together to be more effective. Next in article 1, section 10, clause 1 is " power to share between federal government and the states." Then the powers are in the states that are not listed in the constitution. Also article 1, section 9, clause 2 is " a write of Haber corpus protects people from unlawful imprisonment." Finally the government can not suspend this right except in time of rebellion or invasion.

Checks and Balances

First the checks and balances help people keep thing organized. Next each branch of government can limit the power of the others. Then article 1, section 7, clause 2 is about "president signs the bill, it becomes a laws." Also article 2, section 4, said "all civil officers of the United States." Finally you can do things different and you can get money in those ways you pick and have a good idea on what you want to do.

Representative Government

First the representative government is citizens trying to make there home a better place to live. Next citizens elect representative to make laws. Then in article 1, section 2, clause 4 is citizens will pick a new government of state if the government of state leaves before their terms up. Also article 1, section 2, is "militia of the several states, when called in the actual serve of United States. Finally the people try to make things right for everyone.

Quick Quiz

1. How many principle are in the constitution?

2. Can you clarify what checks and balances?



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