A Canary in a Coal Mine Reese Webb

Carbon monoxide can be found in pockets of coal due to the fact of it being an incomplete combustion of carbon. The gas is created from the oxidation of the coal.

Carbon monoxide can also be produced by burning fuel in vehicles, stoves, fireplaces, lanterns, etc. Carbon monoxide also is released as volcanoes erupt, from smoke of forest fires, lightning, marsh gases and marine algae.

Unborn children, infants, elderly and people with heart disease are more at risk than others when exposed to carbon monoxide.

Yes, carbon monoxide is released when lighting stoves, grills, fireplace, or some lanterns. Carbon monoxide is also released by vehicles when they burn the fuel required for them to move.

Contemporary sources of this gas are any materials that have an incomplete combustions of carbon

Carbon monoxide is an extremely dangerous gas. Some of the risk that occur because of carbon monoxide is headaches, dizziness, vomiting, and nausea. If you are exposed to carbon monoxide over a period of time, heart disease and long-term health problems are possible to happen. Extreme exposure to carbon monoxide can lead to death.

CDC recommends that households have their chimneys and gas appliances checked yearly and vented properly to ensure safety. Households should also have a carbon monoxide detector to make the family aware when they are at exposed to carbon monoxide.

I think the most startling fact about carbon monoxide is that its odorless and colorless so there isn’t a way you can tell if it is present or not. This shocks and worries me because of how deadly the gas is.

Greenland is similar to the canary in the coal mine because they are testing to see how global warming will affect the rest of the world.


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