Learning Objcective #4

the next time that i take a test for this class i will use quizlet and make a better study guide for it. i will also not be as afraid to ask question during class. that is one thing that i have to overcome in order to become a more proficient student in college i am always afraid that i will sound like a moron when i ask question especially in this class because i did not grow up doing many of the things that we are learning about in agm 2050. for the next test i will also start studying further in advanced that is another skill that i need to hone in order to be a better student i need to stop procrastinating and start being proactive. i will rely more on my study schedules and stick to them more often. also the net time that i take this test i will need to be more carful when reading the questions and when i am doing my calculations, and when i bubble in my answers.

my interactions with my professor and with my Ta's in this class has grown a lot since the first time i had them in agm 1010. now that i have taken more classes with them and will continue to take classes with them in the near future i will be able to build an even stronger relationship with them in the years to come. that is the one thing that i enjoy about my major specific classes is that you get to study and work with the Ta's and Teachers for the rest of you college career not just for one semester at a time it really allows you to build and maintain a relationship after you graduate or after you stop taking their classes because in the future when you need a reference for a job, you can always ask them for one.


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