~ Eye Muscles ~ By Adam Gockley and Kody Brown

Eye Muslces as Shown on Spongebob

How the Eye Muscles Work:

A Diagram of The Eye and its Muscles

The supserior rectus is an extraocural muscles. It attaches to the top of the eyeball and moves it upward. The inferior rectus attaches to the bottom of the eyeball and moves it downward. The muscles that move it side to side are the medial rectus and the lateral rectus. Lastly there are the mucsles that rotate the eyeball. Those are superior oblique and the inferior oblique.

A visual representation of the iris muscles

Muscles in the Iris

There are lots of muscles located in and around the eyeball, but the ones that control how much light can go into the pupil are the pupillary sphincter and the pupillary constrictor. These open and close the pupil.

Injuries and Conditions to the Eye Muscles

Weak Eye Muscles

While there are many different things that can happen to the eye muscles, one of the most common problems is weak eye muscles. If it is weak, it won't move in a healthy sync, and you can see double. This might be caused by a problem with the nerves. To treat it, you would put a patch over the strong eye so it makes the weaker one work more, therefor making it stronger. This could take many weeks or a few days depending on the severity. Sometimes, they might have to take medication to help with the nerve problems also.

Eye Strains

There are different types of eye strains ranging from nonspecific soreness to blurring vision to soreness on the back of the neck. But the most common symptom is a headache. The diagnosis for an eye strain is chosen by a doctor based on the history of the patient. There are no specific way to prove that you have an eye strain. There are also no ways to specify the severity of the eye strain.


As you can see the eye muscles are very important and can have some very severe pains and injuries.

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