The Master Book Master, Master, Faster than the Master Blaster, Orchester of the G Suite Organization. With Inspiration from Michael, Nathan, and Marcin

Manager of the Confirmation of the Graduation Coordination Nation of Coordination Graduations of Malaysian Inflammation Cremation of Haitian Inflation of Asian Caucasian Vape-Nation Plantation Coronation Contemplation and Exploration of the Fulmination of the Combination Consolidation Application of Centralization Ablation of Stations for Cognation of Crustacean Migration and Hydration Probation Intimidation with Quotation Fixation of Croatian Relation Vacation Vibration and Starvation of Adaptation Accusation Adoration with Annotation of Calculation of Aviation Automation and Celebration of Captivation Conservation.

Remember this Marcin?

In memory of John A., our beloved Proctor and artist, may he live on forever.

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