Once upon a time, a probably slightly insane person dug a lumpy, dirt covered mass out of the ground and thought, “I’m gonna eat this.” At that moment, potatoes began their reign over the earth. They began to mutate into new species and quickly became increasingly popular among humans. They took root in in cultures all over the world. Before long, they got sick of seeing innocent potatoes being ripped from their families and, in revolt against humans, formed their own culture. Each potato began to look deeply inside of itself and let its personality shine through. Soon there were hipster potatoes who preferred to take their typewriter to the coffee shop, as well as emo potatoes who worried about the next time they’d have to go into public to buy more hair dye. Before long, some potatoes began taking up careers as doctors, firefighters, chefs, as well as many other paths that gave each potato a place in potato culture.

Artist/Designer : Emily Koetz

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