George Washington By: Zach Cavagnaro

George Washington was viewed as honest, intelligent, and a steady leader by America. He was President from 1789-1797. During his term, Henry Knox was the Secretary of War, Thomas Jefferson was Secretary of State, Edmund Randolph was the Attorney General, and Alexander Hamilton was the secretary of the treasury. The two party system was started, which is where 2 major parties dominate the government. The Judiciary Act of 1789 took place, where there were three levels of federal courts and defined their powers and relationships to the state courts. The French Revolution also started up, and the USA remained nuetral, and it later became Foriegn Policy. Later, the Whiskey Rebellion started. Farmers fought the tax on whiskey, and was later crushed. In late 1793, the British seized ships in the West Indies, and the Jay's Treaty was signed. In 1784, the Spanish and Americans had a dispute over New Orleans, which was resolved with Pinckney's Treaty. In 1796, Washington made his farewell address. He warned that the USA needed to work out its differences and protect independence. He also warned against to much public debt. He retired afterwards.

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