Unit 1: Application Activity Makenna KoeHl

The Decision

I recently made the decision to eat healthier. I realize that it is important for my health to do this, and that I haven't done well lately.

Barriers to Decision Making

Some barriers to successful decision making is mpheing too emotionally invested in something or not caring enough. Having too much or to little information can also hinder the decision making process. Thankfully none of these things effected my decision making process.

Value of Decision Making Process

Having a healthy decision making process is important in helping you come to the right decision. If you don't have a good process, or don't know how to make a good decision, said you might make a bad choice.

Individual vs Collaborate

There are times when it is better to make a decision by yourself and there are times when it is best to make decisions as a group. When a decision effects lots of people it is better to make the decision as a group, or a least get advice from someone you trust. However, when making a decision that only effects yourself, it is often better to make it alone. My decision to try to be more healthy is one that I made on my own.


The alternative to my decision would be to continue to not focus n bing healthy.

I would probably not notice much of a short term effect to this decision. However there would be many long term effects. I would get sick more often, feel tired, and possibly cause myself to have serious health complications later in my life.

Effects of eating healthIer

The short term effects of this decision will be that I will have more energy and feel better in general. The long term effects are more significant. By eating a healthy diet I can greatly lower my risk of developing a serious disease later in life.

The Right Decision?

I know that I made the right decision, and that this decision will be good for my health.

Effective Decision?

This decision will only be effective if I make an effort to enforce it. If I keep at it, and focus on being eating healthy I know that my health will be improved.

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