Rubrics, assessments, and project checkpoints Oh My!

Project Launch

Project Overview:

Outlines the overlying project theme and major tangibles (work to be completed). Also included is a project calendar with major deadlines.

Weekly Checkpoints:

Outlines the week to week operations and identifies specific tasks for team members, individuals, graphics students and/or video students.


Final presentation rubric is included to show the students what the final expectations are. The 4-point rubric includes descriptions for the different categories and identifies language that clearly defines 1-4 point categories.

Staying the course and so much more!

Team Meetings

Our "Team Meetings" are formal and strategically timed.

As in a "Real World" environment, we hold team meetings throughout the project timeline. If things are off track, the team meeting affords us the opportunity to help the team or individuals get back on track. Team meetings allow us to check for understanding and assess on an ongoing basis. Team meetings help us to determine which groups/students will need additional support along the way and which students are ahead of schedule. Finally, if there are a number of students not getting "it", then we have the opportunity to step back and assess our own approach to see if we need to clarify instruction.

Formative Assessment

Team Meeting Scores

Summative Assessment

The goal of the Summative Assessment is help students understand how all the elements of the project are tied together to promote a single idea. Students showcase their final tanglibles during a formal project presentation.

In the beginning, there was an arbitrary rubric . . .

Early multimedia Rubric
Things needed to be simplified! Now we have one side designated for 4-Point Rubric descriptions and the other side for points & notes.

The Result?

Front of Rubric
Back of Rubric

Thank You

Aaron Love


Seth Chambers


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