Daredevil Chameleon THe story of the bravest chameleon

Born in the spring Yo-Yo the chameleon was just learning how to walk. His mother had asked him what would you like for breakfast. "Leafs" he said he always wanted leafs. For he was going to be a daredevil. A stunt person. Anything that was cool he was going to do what other chameleons considered impossible.

He was only 3 years old and yet he already knew what he wanted to do. His mother almost gone, and his father a failed stuntman knew he needed to make both his parents proud.

Hanging off the table by his tail he jumps off. Falling for 1.5 seconds when he get close to the floor he uses his tongue to grab on the wall and swing to save himself and swing backs onto the table. After he gets on he hears the crowd cheering him and sees his mom and dad in the crowd. He thinks, "damn. I did it didn't I. I made them proud."

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