Teens and World Affairs The importance of teens' involvement in world affairs

World news has never been more accessible to us than it is today. We have mobile phones and computers that allow us easy and instant access to major events that happen in our world; teenagers typically use these devices regularly.

This is an advantage that should be used in order for teens to stay well informed, which is part of our civil duty.

Teenagers are the next generation who will lead the world in politics and beyond. To quote a teen guest blogger on Huffington Post, “As the future generations of change, we need to know about current affairs to help us make the world better tomorrow.”

Students protest gun legislation, a hot topic for youth today.

Learning about current affairs early on allows teenagers knowledgeable discussions and to make differences, such as making the decision to register to vote at age 18 and making a well-informed vote.

Some news platforms have recognized this importance and have made an effort to reach out to teens in the areas of politics and world affairs.

One such platform is the magazine Teen Vogue, which is now entirely online.

Teen Vogue has shifted from focusing on fashion to focusing on politics and world issues.

This magazine originated as mainly a fashion magazine aimed at teen girls, but has since expanded to include a large amount of content on politics and world affairs; for example, a recent opinion article titled, ‘Donald Trump Wants to "Reopen America," but the U.S. Isn't a Business,’ discusses the issue of re-opening business and helping the economy amid the COVID-19 health crisis.

In addition to reading about current events, participating in active conversations and action based on these events is important.

For teens who want to work in a career in politics, or just want to have the experience, there are various opportunities, such as Model UN, which is offered at KCHS.

As a participant of Model UN, I have found that it provides valuable insight into how a job dealing with world affairs works, as well as encouraging me to stay informed, and teaching me how to speak publicly and make arguments.

Using technology or other forms of gaining reliable information is especially important for teenagers, as well as participating in active conversations and activities that will prepare them for the world.

This can be in the form of simply reading over or watching a summary of daily headlines and engaging in discussion of your opinions with friends, family, or classmates.

Knowing about and participating in activities related world affairs will allow teens today become the leaders of a better tomorrow.


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