Yousif Kassab's Mcom 63 Portfolio The Fulfillment Associate, The First-Time Voter and The Tiny House Project

Amanda Lopez is a new employee at the Newark Amazon Fulfillment Center hoping to save up enough money to move out while also supporting a pescatarian diet.

Billy Chan is a community college student preparing to go into his first election being eligible to vote.

The Tiny House project is a nebulous movement of people seeking to fight homelessness by finding permanent housing for themselves. Where many people experiencing homelessness find themselves stuck in a cycle of addiction and hard living that makes it impossible to maintain themselves and pull themselves out of their situation by finding a job, the Tiny House owners have found a way to escape that cycle.

Aaron Castle tells of his experience escaping homelessness by finding housing for himself and his fiancé. Castle hasn't stopped there though, as he spends his days now at a homeless shelter where he helps others in the same place he was earlier.

Michael, who asked to only be identified by his first name, is one such person who Castle has helped pull out of the homelessness cycle as well.

"It seems like it hurts less now," Michael has said of his experience since receiving help from Castle and the shelter.

Castle stands as a beacon of hope for others experiencing homeless. He's an example of the best case scenario for someone who finds themselves locked in that cycle. Unfortunately, for many people, homelessness also comes coupled with mental health problems or addiction. For those people too, Castle hopes to make a difference.

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