The Time Of Change And Innovation By:JOsue cruz

The 1920's was a time a of great change and innovation. The 1920's had a lot of events that made it a time of great change. From the Harlem Renaissance, to the women suffrage, to the Prohibition. These were all causes of the 1920's being a time of great change and innovation.

The beginning of jazz and the new era

The Harlem Renaissance was a time of great change and prosperity. In document #2 in the song "I Too" Langston Hughes declares, " They'll see how beautiful I am and be ashamed, For I too am American." Langston is showing how the people will open their eyes and not just see the color of her skin, but will see the character inside of her and realize that they are all American. The Harlem Renaissance was a huge opening for opportunity for African Americans who could showcase their talent and do what they love.Artist, musicians could finally showcase their talent. This is all how jazz begin. The Harlem Renaissance always opened the doors for African American singers who showcased their talents. This was an expansion for music and rights for the African Americans. They played for cruise ships, clubs, bars and any other place that wanted their talent. The Harlem Renaissance was a stepping stool for a time of great change.

Women Suffrage

Another reason why the 1920's was a time of great change was because of the Women suffrage. The Women suffrage was the moment that women all over America did to gain the right to vote and to gain the rights for women. This is an example of a time of great change. Women gained the right to vote. In document B of women suffrage articles states that "The suffragists teach women to revolt against the daily task of tending child and house." Which shows that women also want the right to be able to vote and to get jobs instead of just doing the same hose cleaning chores that they've always done. In the 1920's women wanted change and they demand it.

The Prohibition was another time of great change in the 1920's. The Prohibition was a ratification of the 18th amendment which banned the manufacture, transportation and sale of intoxicating liquors. The Prohibition is a part of the 1920's change because this was something new that changed everything for the people who drank beer and the manufacturers who produced the beer. In document A in the prohibition it states that "Alcohol poisons and kills; abstinence and prohibition saves lives and safeguard health." America was tying to take care of people from intoxication because they declare that alcohol poisons and kills. There were big punishments if people consumed or produced alcohol from long jail time to big fines or to even a death sentence. They government took the prohibition serious and if you didn't obey you would be punished. Which with new laws you would have a lot of protesters who wanted alcohol to not be banned. This is also another reason why the 1920's was a time of great change and innovation.

Some may argue that the 1920's was a time of back to normalcy. I understand why they would say that due to the scopes trail, and because of immigration. The scopes trail was about banning the teaching of evolution in schools because they would think that it would infect the minds of their children. Which this is why they banned the teaching of evolution in schools. Immigration could also be return to normalcy because they wanted nobody to come in to America because they would of taken their jobs. Which can be seen as a return to normalcy. However this argument is incorrect because the Americans gained the Harlem Renaissance in which the African Americans use their artistic skills and music to demonstrate who they really are. Also America gained rights for women which women have been fighting for years for. But the fight was worth it and now women are able to vote. America also had the prohibition which was a huge change because they said that alcohol poisons and kills. In which all these reasons sound more like a time of great change and innovation instead of a time of going back to normalcy. This is why the 1920's was time of great change and innovation.

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