Precautions taken at Yale Children's Hospital ensure minimal spread of COVID-19 By samantha felner

This pediatric waiting room at Yale New Haven Children's hospital is typically buzzing with activity. On most days it is even difficult to find seating. However, with the extreme spread of the coronavirus, the cafeteria and waiting room lay empty. All appointments except for ones deemed urgent were cancelled for the upcoming weeks.
Here in the treatment center, the floor is usually scattered with toys, especially on the table in the middle, yet all of the toys have been taken away to ensure that germs are staying for the most part contained.
Prior to reaching the security desk, all patients and visitors are required to have their temperature taken, and answer the following questions. "Do you have any cough or cold symptoms?" and "Have you travelled outside of the country within the last 30 days?"
While this drop off area is usually filled with vehicles, it was recommended by the hospital that nobody uses their valet services. They considered it "risky" to have unknown people inside of your own cars, possibly spreading germs. Most people that are going to the hospital during this pandemic were urged to park at a local parking garage.