COVID - 19 Resource Guide Spring 2020

Vermont First and COVID-19

During this time of uncertainty, Vermont First is working with Vermont organizations, agencies, and businesses to move local products to where they are needed. In mid-March, in an effort to #flattenthecurve and keep people safe during the COVID-19 crisis, Vermont campuses and most businesses that provide dining either closed or scaled down to providing only very limited services. Due to this, our food purchasing decreased dramatically and, in most cases, came to an abrupt stop.

Through all of this, the primary goal of Vermont First is to use Sodexo’s statewide purchasing power to support Vermont producers and Vermont’s working lands. Now we are working to connect producers who have been hurt by the significant reduction in institutional sales with food buyers in other sectors looking for more local products.

Please find below a collection of resources for many different audiences in our food system and community during COVID-19.

Employment Opportunities

The Vermont Department of Labor created a web form for individuals seeking employment. Interested individuals should complete the form, and a representative from the Department of Labor will contact you directly.

To view a list of temporary positions use the link below keyword ‘COVID’

Farm to Institution

Farm to Institution

Farm to Institution New England created a spreadsheet designed to match up needs and surplus in the New England institutional food system. Examples of listings may include:

  • Those with a surplus of meat or vegetables that need a home
  • Those looking for local food to serve to displaced constituents
  • Those with a need for extra hands at their facilities (milkers, kitchen staff, drivers)
  • Those looking for employment opportunities after their institution has closed or reduced labor
  • Those with additional storage space for food that needs to be preserved

We welcome anyone to add, view or contact others on the list directly.

Consumer Information

Many restaurants, universities, schools, and markets have slowed or even stopped purchasing food, reducing sales for local farms. There are still many ways individuals can support local farmers and food businesses. Check out these options below:



Farmer Resources

About Vermont First

Vermont First is Sodexo’s commitment to the State of Vermont, our business partners, and the communities in which we live and work to support Vermont’s local economy. Through strategic purchasing and collaboration with stakeholders, we aim to grow market opportunity for local producers, stimulate job growth, and ensure the viability of Vermont’s working lands.

Our definition of local is: Vermont grown or manufactured plus a 30-mile radius around the state’s borders.

For more information and/or questions, please contact:

Annie Rowell, Vermont First Coordinator { Annie.Rowell@sodexo.com}

Vermont First visits Jericho Settlers' Farm, Jericho, Vermont
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