SAND @Home Our Work Training Cafe Under YOUR Roof

What Do We Do?

The day to day running of our SAND Cafe offers many enterprise experiences for trainees. But what happens if they are unable to come to us?

We decided we needed to create ways of bringing our work related learning straight to them.

How Does It Work?

Using specially created resources and surprise home delivery parcels, we want to support young people set up their own CAFE enterprise experience at home

Supported by family, friends, neighbours and the community around them, trainees will develop key #Skillsbuilder work skills, independent life and living skills, and entrepreneurial spirit. It will also incorporate English and Maths Functional Skills, practical and creative tasks, and the potential to earn money for their hard work!

Course Overview

Over the coming weeks, we will be delivering equipment and learning resources to your door to help support the gradual setting up and running of a SAND @Home cafe enterprise.

Here is a overview of the weekly programme:

Using whatever you can find around the house to start your cafe business
Learning to prepare drinks safely
Promoting products to new customers
Launching a business
Running a business day to day
Safely preparing food products from scratch
Preparing and sharing promotional content on social media
Learning new skills to benefit the business

Core Learning

We believe learning through meaningful, real-life experience is the most effective way to secure skills necessary for future employability.

As well as the practical hands-on work experience trainees will gain, we have ensured the underlying foundations of literacy, numeracy and IT are embedded across the course.
We have created accompanying Functional Skills English resources designed to target reading, writing, speaking and listening objectives relevant to each stage of enterprise development.
Our Functional Skills Maths resources target all the crucial areas of running a cafe, including money, time, measures and data, as well as providing a broader understanding of the hospitality industry.
We have suggested a suitable IT research project for each step. Trainees can practice their internet browsing skills and strengthen their reading and understanding of current literature. It is also an opportunity to create their own presentation, either by hand or on the computer.

Additional Materials

We will be continually creating new tutorial style "How To..." videos to support the learning objectives at each stage. Trainees can access these videos as and when they feel they need them.
All of our learning programmes are designed to develop and enhance the 8 key work skills LISTENING, PRESENTING, CREATIVITY, PROBLEM SOLVING, TEAMWORK, LEADERSHIP, AIMING HIGH and STAYING POSTIVE, as defined by #Skillsbuilder. Trainees can identify their progress with our bespoke progression maps.
We are delighted to be in partnership with Beki Tonks, The Workforce Facilitator, who has created a series of motivational videos for our trainees, featuring our industry mentors and the valuable lessons of becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Communication Portal

We are excited to offer trainee families access to our brand new online goal setting and planning platform.

The benefits of the platform are:

  • Access to resources for the training programme and support the growth of the home enterprise
  • Provides a 'Who? What? How?' goal setting and planning tool , promoting problem solving thinking skills.
  • Maintains contact between you and the SAND facilitators who can offer advice, support and motivation for trainees along their journey.
  • Records evidence of trainee progress by allowing photos and documents to be uploaded for every task.

If you have provided us with an email address you will receive a login link to join GPSgoaltrak portal.

We hope this will be an opportunity for families to work together as their young people move towards work confidence and readiness in their own homes.
Let's get started...

Once subscribed, you will receive your weekly learning packages

All course materials can be found on the online portal.

Weekly HOW TO videos and learning overviews can be accessed here

As this is a brand new project for us we are extremely keen to know how you are getting on and hear you thoughts about how our learning programme could be improved. So please feel free to email us anytime info@thesandproject.co.uk, or why not use the GPSgoaltrak portal?

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Kate Wilson


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