Mr & Mrs Collard Est. 13.07.2019

Part 2

Here is the next installment of our wedding journey. This time from our lovely reception venue, Barley Wood. Guest were able to enjoy ice creams, competive outside games, hilarious speeches and dancing the night away....

The Ice Cream Box was the first thing you spotted when arriving to the venue. A queue soon formed in front, wowed by the flavour selection, including the bride and grooms favourites.

What to choose?
Everyone loved this!

You could even add toppings like brownies, marshmallows or a flake, but it soon got forgotten when ordering that all important ice cream. We heard a few people missed out. I enjoyed having cherry and custard plus a second scoop of clotted cream ice creams topped off with brownies & marshmallows. David couldn’t resist rum & raisin his favourite ice cream! Was your favourite ice cream available?

Who’s up for ice cream?

Whilst ice creams were being devoured, canapés and drinks were also on offer. From duck wontons, goats cheese profiteroles and pulled pork snaps. All could be washed down with a glass of refreshing Pimms. These were all delicious, I enjoyed the duck wontons the best! What did you enjoy?

The canapés

We took a moment to make the most of our vintage bus and have some photos taken with this awesome vehicle. Even though we didn’t get to ride on it, those that did enjoyed the rickety journey! I know a few people found it a challenge to get on at the church due to how high the first step is but it was well worth the climb. It was great to be able to offer this to our guests, allowing them to enjoy going to and from the venue and feel part of the wedding parade.

All abroad! Ding Ding!
Love the going in for the kiss shots!
Change here for the wedding of Mr & Mrs Collard! Cheers Drive!

We then made time for a moment to chat with guests, this didn’t feel like very long though! Before we were whisked off to have a few intimate couple shots.

Guests chatting away in the sunshine
A moment to capture us on our special day!

We walked around the beautiful grounds that Barley Wood has to offer. It was lovely spending time with one another for the first time as husband and wife. We didn’t really know what to talk about! I think we were both in a little bubble of ‘is this happening!’ Pinching ourselves.

We forgot to tell Liam the videographer that we were going for our couple shoot, but he managed to find us

Whilst exploring we bumped into some guests who were eagerly searching for the geo caches! We made a trail, which was indicated on maps, where little geo cache logs could be found around the grounds, for people to explore. It got very competitive!

People spying on us ;-)
The maps we designed for the Geo Cacheing
Some of the logs getting moved!
Where shall we start?
Checking the map, “where be that?”
The Rings!

A lovely stroll up to the house for some group photographs with the family and the bridal party.

The Brown’s & Collard’s
Mother & Son
Our lovely niece, who was our flower girl
Brothers, Family & Bridal party

Now time for the food and speeches! These gorgeous floral hoop with the wonderful wooden signage. There were several of these dotted around the place, from welcome to reception and dancing to games.

Welcome the new Mr & Mrs Collard!

Making our grand entrance into the lovely Dorothy Lillie Hall with everyone applauding

Wedding Breakfast Details

The table plan consisted of eight different board games, each game the name of a table with a listing of the guests seated on that table. These are games we love to play. All guests were greeted with wedding favours of a succulent plant and beautiful florentines. The children were not forgotten also receiving colouring pencils & French biscuits for those under 6.

The table flowers & my hoop
The Table Names

Each table had a frame with photos and interesting facts about the games. Some even indicating games some of the guests liked or who introduced them to us.

Handmade Bunting

Over 100 metres of bunting went up in the hall, this added colour and style.

Wedding Bingo & Activity Booklets to keep young & old entertained
Dessert for Everyone

Warm apple and rhubarb crumble with proper custard. Or apple crumble for those not so keen on rhubarb.

The Grooms Dessert

A special dessert for my special man. David was treated by the caters to his favourite dessert, cheesecake.

Then time for the speeches
Laughter & bingo being won

The speeches went well, the best man speech was definitely one that stood out for me. Brother...was a phrase used throughout. There was some jokes about Mother in Law and how David is looked after haha! Did any of the speeches stand out for you?

Games & Drinks

More time for mingling after the speeches just before the evening guests arrive. We had time to play a few more of the outdoor games, some that we had handmade ourselves. Like these dice within the game, Yahtzee.


David chatting to his work colleagues, who had travelled miles just to be with us on our special day. A couple of family members, friends & other work colleagues also travelled afar to be with us.

Checking out game tactics

Trying to share some advice to those not doing so well at the game. I think my face says it all though.

Chatting in the sunshine

Then it was time to cut the cake & do the first dance. I spoke to my bridesmaids to get them to round people up and bring everyone to the middle of the house.

The concentration on both our faces

We had totally forgot about a cake knife, so my mum went off into the kitchen to locate one! Good job there was one so that we could cut it and take this classic photo. The top tier of the cake was actually a dummy, and the next two tiers were white chocolate & raspberry with the ruffled tier being carrot cake.

Kerry who made our wedding cake took on all our ideas and even spoke with the florist for that amazing attention to detail.

The Stunning Wedding Cake
The lace on the second tier matched the detail of my dress
The detail on these sugar flowers tie in well with the real ones!

Following our cutting the cake, I asked the bridesmaids if they could cut the cake up. I told them that there was also a fruit and a vegan chocolate cake. But, when they cut through two of the tiers were the same. I originally thought one of the tiers out of the cake was going to be one of these flavours. I then went on my own geo cache type search to find the missing cakes, whilst they cut the rest up.

I located the cakes with the caterers in the kitchen. I then had a selfie with a couple of the team and they took the other cakes up to the Dorothy Lillie Hall to go with the evening food.

Our First Dance
We chose to dance to the song ‘Symphony’ by Clean Bandit
We took no lessons!
We enjoyed ourselves in the moment

When sending the band our song choice originally, they asked us if there was an acoustic version we liked. I quickly located one on YouTube and we sent it over to them. They nailed it and did such an amazing job! Everyone loved the band & many people have since asked how we found them!

The amazing band & people dancing

The evening food was David’s idea. A ploughman’s spread consisting of sausage rolls, cheese, pork pies, pickled onions, plus much more & of course the wedding cake. There was plenty left over for the following day’s lunch for those that joined us on the Sunday.

It’s been lovely to share our day with you, we will hopefully share some of the preparation & clearing up in due course! As well as the amazing honeymoon we’ve been on!